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Topic Overview

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6  

Whole school  Events/celebrations

Harvest Festival Christmas Performance Easter Concert Leavers Assembly
Theme week: Week before every half term



Theme Week




Topics Topics Topics Topics
New School/New Beginnings

(Skeletons, food and nutrition)


Local History Study

Carlisle /WW2




The Ancient Egyptians





Changes and Materials

Properties, mixing, separating, reversible and irreversible, solutions.

Ancient Greece

(Earth and Space)

*Yr 6 Residential

*Macmillan Coffee Morning

In The News

The Iron Man

(Forces and magnets)



Chocolate and Sweets


Teeth, eating and digestion

Planet Protectors


*Children In Need

* Christmas (2 weeks)




Theme Week



The Arts




Invaders and Settlers

(The Vikings)


(Light and shadows)




The Ice Palace/Cold Places

States of matter –solids, liguids, gases, heating and cooling, water cycle.


Alive & Kicking


(Changes in humans as they grow)


British History beyond 1066.

Dazzling Decades


(Electricity and light)

*Shrove Tuesday

*World Book Day

*Comic Relief/Sports Relief

*Mother’s Day

*Easter (2 weeks)

The Tempest/ Shakespeare


*St.George’s Day


Theme Week




Stone Age


(Rocks,Soils and fossils)


The Romans

(living things – habitats , grouping and classifying)


Our World

UK and Europe

(life cycles- animals and plants)

Living things and Evolution

(living things, classifying including micro-organisms)

Evolution and Inhertitance



*Father’s Day

*Yr 4 Residential

*Yr 2 Transition with Year3

Whole School Topic – Olympics 2016